JIANGSU SAFETY GROUP / JIANGSU SAFETY WIRE ROPE is always among top 3 in the field of elevator wire ropes in China since 2016. JS SAFETY WR was officially listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 31. 2016. stock code: 603028.

With over 60 years experience, we are the identified elevator wire rope supplier of MITSUBISHI, FUJITEC, SCHINDLER, KONE, HITACHI, TKE, OTIS etc. Especially MITSUBISHI elevator in China, about 90% of the elevator wire ropes are supplied by us.

The elevator ropes with fiber/steel core are primarily used where the service life is more defined by wear due to contact with the traction sheave than by rope fatigue due to bending. The fiber content in the core of the steel wire rope works as a lubricant reservoir. The world's most frequently used strand construction for elevator ropes is the 19-wire Seale strand (1-9-9). Because of the thick outer wires, the Seale strand offers a higher degree of resistance against external wear in use when running over the traction sheave and the deflection points.

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Door closing rope
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