Photovoltaic cells - the new track of JS SAFETY Group


According to the data, there are 52 listed companies in the secondary industry of Shenyin Wanguo photovoltaic equipment (including silicon wafers, photovoltaic cell components, photovoltaic auxiliary materials, inverters, etc.), and 12 listed companies in the third-level industry of Shenwan photovoltaic power generation. According to incomplete statistics of industry data, more than 60 listed companies will cross-border photovoltaics in 2022, including through the acquisition of photovoltaic industry company equity, the establishment of photovoltaic business subsidiaries or direct investment in the construction of photovoltaic projects to achieve cross-border. The A-share photovoltaic track has never been so crowded.

"I think the transformation is not about rushing forward under the high heat of the market, but based on the market analysis of the existing business, giving full play to the advantages of listed companies, fully mobilizing the regional resources of shareholders, and taking photovoltaic cells as the foothold of SAIFETEN's transformation. Large-scale technology research and development, maintain industry competitiveness and voice, and let listed companies participate in the construction of an internationally advanced solar power generation industry system through continuous introduction of talents and extension of the industrial chain." said Ms. Fan Qing, chairman of JS SAFETY Group.

Since the completion of the change of actual controller in 2019 and the formation of the two main businesses of elevator hoisting wire rope and architectural design in 2020, JS SAFETY Group has been facing the trouble of bottlenecks in the development of the industry.

"The existing two businesses are small and beautiful. The disadvantage is that they are greatly affected by the industry cycle. In the past 20 years, they have enjoyed the dividends of the real estate industry. At present, they have reached the trough of the market cycle, but there is a lot of room for extension in the existing industry chain. Limited. We need to find a new track that is big enough and has more opportunities for development." Fan Qing said.

One direction of transformation is to learn from the experience of metal products peers and cut into diamond wire products as photovoltaic cutting consumables. However, in Fan Qing's view, the current domestic diamond wire industry is relatively fully competitive and has formed a leading market, and Saifutian's transformation into this area has neither technical accumulation nor lack of existing business because of the large difference in downstream customer groups. Synergy, after some research and judgment, it did not advance in this direction.

Another direction of transformation is to go deep into the field of photovoltaic cells. There are many reasons for SAFTECH to choose this high-quality track: the industrial chain is long and the technology is self-controllable, benefiting from the "dual carbon" strategy to maintain a high degree of prosperity, and the local area has gathered many photovoltaic Leading enterprises... But what Fan Qing emphasizes the most is: the manufacturing advantage in the middle reaches of the industrial chain.

The middle reaches of the photovoltaic industry are chosen because the upper reaches are more resource-based, not the advantages of Suzhou and Xi, and require heavy capital investment. On the one hand, the middle reaches of the industry are easier to cut into, and on the other hand, it is convenient for future extension to the upstream and downstream, and the space for industrial collaboration broad. Fan Qing introduced that the Saifutian Industrial Investment Fund, jointly established by the company and the Wuzhong Economic Development Zone Venture Capital Guidance Fund, was established in February 2023. In the future, the fund will make a synergistic layout of technology and market around the company's industrial transformation direction. With the help of the capital market for investment and mergers and acquisitions, she combined her personal investment professional background to help screen targets, and used various methods to allow the company to expand the territory of the photovoltaic industry chain while taking into account investment returns.

JS SAFETY Group is actively planning a new TOPCon battery technology route. During the dividend period of the N-type battery market, relying on the existing mature team and channels to quickly occupy the market share, compared with traditional leading companies without the asset burden of the P-type production line, it can be closer to the market. Targeted research and development, playing a beautiful backhand game. Fan Qing concluded: " Similarly in the fully competitive market, Saftech has so many advantages and has formed a careful production capacity and technical planning. Whether it is P-type or TOPCon battery production capacity, it is among the listed companies that cross-border to photovoltaics. They are all more reliable."

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