ISO 4344: 2022 was officially approved and released.


It is learned from the official website of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that the revision of ISO 4344: 2022 "Steel wire ropes for lifts - Minimum requirements" led by China was officially approved and released.

The standard was officially established in April 2020. Experts from the Institute of Metallurgical Industry Information Standards are responsible for the project convener. At the same time, it was jointly drafted by relevant experts at home and abroad. During the development of the project, with the purpose of jointly promoting the development of the industry, the members of the project team discussed in depth the suggestions made by foreign experts from the perspective of elevator application, supplemented and perfected the standard content, and finally discussed the strength requirements of the split steel wire and the elongation of the steel wire rope. Reach a standard technical consensus on key technical requirements such as rate and wire rope scrapping. The release of this standard marks the further improvement of China's influence in the international standardization work in the field of steel wire rope.

As the main drafting company of ISO4344:2022, Jiangsu Safety Wire Rope occupies an important position in China's elevator wire rope industry. Its main clients include Mitsubishi Elevator, Fujitec Elevator, Schindler Elevator, Kone Elevator and other world well-known elevator brands. In 2022, China The sales volume of steel wire ropes for elevators ranks No.1 in China.

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