New FC wire ropes designed for 6m/s elevators


The World Elevator Exhibition was opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) On July 5, 2023.

Jiangsu Safety Wire Rope held a new product "8×19S-CGSF designed for mid-rise elevator whose lifting speed ≤ 6.0m/s" release conference at the exhibition. CTO Yuemin Yang and sales director Zhengkai Gao, introduced the research and development process, product structure and characteristics of this new product. They also showed the sample products to the audience. The professional technical team actively communicated with the audience, sharing the latest achievements and development direction in the field of elevator wire ropes.

Compared with traditional elevator wire rope with sisal core, the new product has longer service life, lower permanent & elastic elongation, higher minimum breaking force and better flexible performance which can greatly improve the elevator's operating performance and prolong the service life. It is the 65-year technology accumulation of Jiangsu Safety Wire Rope, the embodiment of the advantages of polymer material manufacturing technology, and the future of steel wire ropes for elevators.

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